Our Services

Health and Safety legislation ensures employers are managing health and safety effectively. All employers must appoint at least one competent person to assist organisiations in complying all statutory provisions. Safety Support Consultants Ltd are a leading UK provider of work place health and safety training.

Safety Support Consultants Ltd will assist your business in: 

  • Ensuring legal compliance.
  • Reducing the risk of prosecutions
  • Providing a safe working environment for your personnel and visitors
  • Reduce time lost due to accidents and work-related sickness .
  • Reducing insurance premiums

We provide the following services in connection with Health and Safety at work:  

  •  • Research, identification and basic training
  •  • Legal advice and queries
  •  • Compliance audit
  •  • Risk assessment based on your business
  •  • Policy and Procedure formulation
  •  • Job-specific risk assessment
  •  • CDM-C support for projects
  •  • Regular audit and review of your business

Safety Support Consultants Ltd will assist your business in: 

  • 24 hour telephone and email support
  • Regular legal safety updates
  • Annual audit and review
  • Legal compliance review
  • Provision of Policy and Procedures documents
  • Drafting and Review of risk assessment documents
  • Site inspection

Please contact us for more information or to arrange an appointment.